RAREWALK by Elías Aguirre Company, Spain

A piece that deals with an unusual phenomenon: insects parasitized by a fungus and its analogy with humans; about bodies that lose control over themselves, about what we keep: emotions, secrets, traumas that take the reins of the nervous system and b [...]

Seismic Orchestra by Elías Aguirre Company, Spain

What would happen if the alteration of the balance of an ecosystem were internalized in a body. The orchestra of the wetlands would resonate in our organism, its sounds, its creatures, its cycles ... it would finally give way to a decline that would [...]

Eternal Longing by Dance × Handbalancing, Germany

Eternal Longing is a lyrical story about overcoming difficulties and loneliness. Hayatonnu… combines dance and acrobatics routines to express the emotions that everyone knows. What does it take to find peace and happiness? [...]

The Wandering Kitchen by Claudio e Consuelo, Italy

a Travelling Show with Stops stuffed with Surprises singing, juggling, music, stories, clownerie Between clown and Commedia dell’Arte, two cooks travel around with their weird vehicle, a hybrid between a kitchen and a ship on wheels. They do kn [...]

Kaleido by Le Cabaret Nomade, Czech Republic

Kaleido is a poetical show of puppets and object theatre for children in a caravan. A living postcard of a travel around the world. Through puppets, objects, songs and text, the main characters share their adventure, encounter with foreigners a [...]

Pez Esfinge by Elías Aguirre Company, Spain

PEZ ESFINGE is a research work of the submarine nature details that remain unnoticed, of spaces that apparently remain still. It also creates a parallelism between these underwater details and people. Shyness hides an unknown place inside us, an aby [...]

Puk e Nuk by Elías Aguirre Company, Spain

A journey into the imaginary of two characters steeped in poetry in motion. (Dance and Clown) [...]

Dystopia by Johnny Autin, United Kingdom

Dystopia is Autin Dance Theatre's highly acclaimed & electrifying dance theatre duet for the outdoors & unusual spaces. Dystopia is a dance theatre duet for the outdoors and unusual spaces that is performed in the round. This jaw-dropping [...]

Jump-in’ a-round by Street Performer , Italy

A journey, actually no ... a JUMP in the multiple masks of a humorist. Django Juggles is a captivating gentleman, an oblong, fluctuating figure, who greets the audience with a hypnotic routine of shimmering clubs and hula-hoops. But this is jus [...]

UP! by Simone Riccio , Italy

Idea & Perfomance: Simone Riccio UP! is a solo contemporary circus show An adventurer, a traveler, with a giant wheel and a suitcase. He itches with the desire to share, to learn from one an other, charming people he meets with his enthu [...]