Electric Counterpoint
(Street Dance-Theatre)

Electric Counterpoint is a famous music play created by the composer Steve Reich. In the musical performance of the guitarist Simone Spinaci, the choreutic ideation of Maria Francesca Guerra is inserted in collaboration with two other dancers: Lisa Massani and Ottavia Catenacci; from the interaction of the two languages, the result is a new interpretation of the composition of Steve Reich. The pressing and hypnotic music transports the imaginary into a metropolitan setting in which rhythms and movements of the micro and macro cosmos coexist by mutually influencing each other and creating rhythmic and visual interweaving.

Simone Spinaci
[guitar and electronics]

Maria Francesca Guerra
[choreography direction]

Lisa Massani Ottavia Catenacci Maria Francesca Guerra [dance and choreography]

    • : 4
    • : Street Dance-Theatre
    • : EN| IT


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    • : Square
    • : All Ages
    • : 8 mt (lenght) x 8 mt (width)
    • : Show duration 15 min; Setting up 30 min; Dismantling 20 min
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      The performance can be adapted to different locations, both theatre or urban spaces. If needed, technical sheet will be sent on