RAREWALK by Elías Aguirre Company, Spain

A piece that deals with an unusual phenomenon: insects parasitized by a fungus and its analogy with humans; about bodies that lose control over themselves, about what we keep: emotions, secrets, traumas that take the reins of the nervous system and b [...]

Seismic Orchestra by Elías Aguirre Company, Spain

What would happen if the alteration of the balance of an ecosystem were internalized in a body. The orchestra of the wetlands would resonate in our organism, its sounds, its creatures, its cycles ... it would finally give way to a decline that would [...]

tuS extremoS / Arthur Bernard Bazin by HURyCAN / Arthur Bernard Bazin, Spain

To recognize oneself in the other is a rebirth full of conflict and empathy, where the differences are like seasons that propose changes of environments, deserts and jungles in which to transit, with difficulty, pleasure, pain, tenderness and humor i [...]

Puk e Nuk by Elías Aguirre Company, Spain

A journey into the imaginary of two characters steeped in poetry in motion. (Dance and Clown) [...]

Locura flamenca ( flamenco madness) by Le cirque perdu, France

Locura flamenca is the result when flamenco meets the art of clown...Flamenco madness approaches flamenco in an unusual theatrical way with humour, but at the same time brings homage to the essence and poetry of flamenco.In a very theatrical way we a [...]

I See You by Vaya, Portugal

Presentation: We are Vaya+B-Side Company, a contemporary circus collective that in 2020 opened the show I See You, as a French-Portuguese co-production, thanks to the collaboration with the associations Teatro Experimental de Lagos (PT) and Les Re [...]

Panopticum Curiosum by Variété Pavé , Switzerland

The Panopticum Curiosum is a traveling showroom that - at least it seems - has been on the move for hundreds of years. Creaking and rusty, it tumbles through the country, most of the actors left this fair of illusions years ago. The director, Mr. Fer [...]

Accroche-toi si tu peux by Cie les invendus, France

It is a journey of juggling movements, physically engaged, where loneliness mingles with the unleashing and complicity with the absurd. They support each other, accompany each other, get lost, fall ... Always together. The game is cultivated, it main [...]

Moonlight by Teatro per Caso, Italy

Moonlight is a parade on stilts with illuminated costumes and floating moons, evoked from large balloons, even these illuminated, reaching 4 meters high, accompanying the performers during their exhibition. [...]

Big Bang Cuc by Blink Flash, Spain

A meeting between beings of two galaxies. a shared emotional trip. A giant worm from another planet, a garden, a single universe. Humor , movement, empathy. An experience created in an artistic installation for children. [...]