Yaya in the Moon

What is a clown?
It’s a child who has the whole world as playroom and everything there is possible because, with the imagination, a balloon may even become the moon.
Yaya is a tender, polite yet dynamic and modern clown, full of enthusiasm and curiosity.
She wishes to drive the audience into her own world of poetry and gags, kept alive by the energy shared between her and the people around.
“THE WORLD OF YAYA” is a clown-mime show with few words and a lot of actions, about 40 minutes long.
The show is good for all ages from 3- to 90-year-old children. After a first funny gags-full approach with the audience, Yaya shows six different situations: THE PIANO PLAYER, FUNAMBOLIST a LOVE MEETING WITH THE MOON, and THE LIVING PICTURES GALLERY, where Yaya involves the audience in her game.
Yaya loves playing and acting, letting her funny madness sing, run and surprise to make the whole audience burst into laughter.
This show can be performed both on a theatre stage and in the street. The street version is shorter and was presented in several festivals in Italy and in Barcelona.

    • : 2
    • : Clowning
    • : EN| IT| ... SPANISH


    • :
      Light System suitable for the size of venue incl. Followspot Lighting requirements are very flexible – show possible in general white light.
    • :
      Sound System - suitable for the size of the venue including: 2 stage monitors (seperate returns) 1 C.D. player (single play / auto pause) 1Microphone with round based stands for front vocals 1Radio microphone headset Sound connection and AC connection for a portable computer from tech room.
    • : 220 Volt
    • : Yard
    • : All Ages
    • : 6 mt (lenght) x 4 mt (width)
    • : Show duration 40 min; Setting up 50 min; Dismantling 30 min
    • :
      1 TABLE 1,60X40 2 CHAIRS