Brussels, 30th November 2018

As part of the Pinocchio Joins The Orchestra / ERASMUS + project, Open Street aisbl organizes an international meeting in Brussels on music education. The objectives of the study day are deepen the concept of music as vehicle for social inclusion and know the new technologies which encourage the development of music digital communities. A rare opportunity for teachers and operators of music education field to share their experiences and receive a professional update essential to best develope their mission.

Participation is FREE and limited. Participants will be selected based on their registration order and professional profile. At the end of the day, each participant will receive an ERASMUS+ certificate. A buffet lunch will be offered by OPEN STREET aisbl.



Meeting Venue: REGIONE TOSCANA, Round Point Schuman 14. B – 1040 Bruxelles

Meeting Start: 10:30 am (Welcome Coffèe / Check in)
Buffet Break: 1:30 pm
Meeting End: 5:30 pm
Meeting Languages: English and French




  • Enrico Maria Mayrhofer
    (Regione Toscana, Firenze IT)


First results of the three-year ERASMUS+ project

  • Alessio Michelotti
    (Open Street aisbl, Bruxelles BE)

  • Aleksandar Caric
    (Orquestra Criativa, S.Maria Da Feira PT)



Experience and values of El Sistema Abreu

  • Sarah Goldfarb, Chloé François
    (ReMuA/El Sistema Bruxelles)

  • Jean-Gabriel Mahéo
    (El Sistema France, Paris FR)

  • Ron Davis Alvarez
    (El Sistema Sweden, Stockholm SW)

Music as new ways of looking at life and others.

  • Marianne Poncelet
    (Menuhin Foundation, Bruxelles BE)

Musical education approach in the Roma pan-European culture

  • Gusztàv Varga
    (Kalyi Jag Roma School, Budapest HU)


Learn, share, make music together

  • Soundtrap For Education
    Matteo Ottaviani
    (Soundtrap / Spotify, Stockholm SW)

  • New technologies in music education
    Panagiotis Sotiropoulos
    (European School of Brussels III)
  • The “Iedereen Componist” project
    Sanne Caluwaerts(Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp)

  • The Yamaha method
    Fernando La Vigna
    (European Music Institute, Montecatini IT)

  • The “Flûte alors !” project
    Paule Van Den Driessche and Catherine Verkindere
    (Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles)


  • Conclusions by Aleksandar Caric
    Art Director of Pinocchio Joins the Orchestra project
    (Orquestra Criativa, S.Maria Da Feira PT)


Alithéa Ripoll, Conservatoire royal de Liège (Hamoir, BE)
Antony Gouldsbrough, Riverstudios (Hampteau, BE)
Barbara Grégoire, ReMuA (Bruxelles, BE)
Bettina Kusel, Private Music teacher (Rixensart, BE)
Camilla Lamberti, Open Street aisbl (Bruxelles, BE)
Camille Fraipont, Institut saint luc Bruxelles (Bruxelles, BE)
Caterina Vittoria Giannecchini, European Music Institute (Montecatini, IT)
Catherine Verkindere, Académie de Musique de Waterloo (Bruxelles, BE)
Cecilia Peçanha, MusicArte aisbl (Halle, BE)
Chloé François, ReMuA (Bruxelles, BE)
Claudio Vittorio La Vigna, European Music Institute (Montecatini, IT)
Dedonder Gwenael, Les Ateliers Sysmo (Bruxelles, BE)
Dexter Pallamy, Private Music teacher (Bruxelles, BE)
Francois Charette, Goldfingers Studio (Bruxelles,BE)
François Hanse, Institut supérieur de musique et pédagogie (Namur, BE)
Giovanni Vero, ARTS2 and Académie de Musique Mons (Hautrage, BE)
Ioana Cristina Mihai, Ecole de Musique Mezzoforte (Bruxelles, BE)
Julie Mayeur, Arti’Zik asbl (Braine-l’Alleud, BE)
Laurent Doumont, Labolobo ASBL (Bruxelles, BE)
Louise Crombag, European School Brussels III, (Bruxelles, BE)
Nadia Ciprian, Associazione Musicale Toti Dal Monte (Pieve di Soligo, IT)
Nicolas Gallet, Arti’Zik asbl (Ophain, BE)
Noah Tauche, European School of Brussels III (Bruxelles, BE)
Paule Van Den Driessche, Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles (Bruxelles, BE)
Péter Sütő, Kalyi Jag Budapest Roma School (Budapest, HU)
Pierre de Surgères, Arpeggio asbl (La Hulpe, BE)
Rezik Youssef, Oeil 2 Boeuf production (Bruxelles, BE)
Sanne Caluwaerts, Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp (Antwerpen, BE)
Stéphane Orlando, Cinematek de Bruxelles (Jambes, BE)
Timoteo Eronia, IC Sernaglia (Sernaglia della Battaglia, IT)
Ulrike Maria (Palatine) Kern, Brussels Harp Center (Bruxelles, BE)

Short presentation: “Pinocchio Joins The Orchestra – Sinfonic TRacks European Educational Training”, funded in the ambit of the ERASMUS+ program, includes a 3-year activity plan involving 3 school networks in Portugal, Serbia and Italy (with thousands of students), 3 major international festivals, 2 important cultural institutions (besides Open Street aisbl Brussels, also the Educational Agency “Carlo Collodi National Foundation from Collodi, Italy”). Others partners are the Music Art Project Association in Belgrade, which is the Serbian reference of the worldwide network “El Sistema” and the municipality of Santa Maria Da Feira (Portugal) with the network Orquestra Criativa.



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