(Street Theatre)

An interactive performance «Tamagotchi» in the real life. Modern world turns a person into a weak character and turns his life into an endless game.
How to escape the game? How to return the liberty without harm? How to become yourself?
Participants of the performance are trying to answer this questions.
Based on the interaction with public
Deals with the balance of liberty and responsibilities
Provoke reflections about life aims
Domogochi spend most of the time in the cage — a huge cardboard computer. Personage will communicate with the public using the signs «i’m hungry», «i’m thirsty» etc. If players won’t take care of him, Domogochi dies. Domogochi will offer players to get into the cage instead of him. It’s up to the player to deicde whether to take voluntary detention or to refuse and let Domogochi die.
Players can «control» character using remote control. An illusion arises that Domogochi is totally under the control of the player. Domogochi’s real aim of the game is to escape and to obtain a desired liberty. So at some moment he will run away.
About us:

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    • : Street Theatre
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    • : 220 Volt
    • : Street
    • : All Ages
    • : 5 mt (lenght) x 5 mt (width) x 5 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 30 min; Setting up 120 min; Dismantling 120 min
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      Preparation: 1 full day to create props (not necessarily on the performance venue). Show duration: 30-60 min. The performance described is highly interactive and include communication with the audience, that can be in the format of special walking acts. Up to 4 times a day.