(Street Theatre)

“Tamagotchi. Live!”, it like old computer game Tamagotchi where you need to care about virtual pet, but we propose to care about real person in mobile cardboard computer cell. It theater, but game. You can feed, clean, dance, entertain, walk with your Tamagotchi and he will give you his «heart» (points). Aim is to make your Personage happy and you will feel happy, as well. Anyone from audience can play and we invite as much people as possible. Play is curated by programmer with music card, it electric hurdy-gurdy «Ambox».
Tamagotchi can perform in one spot and moving around venue/festival (walking act).

Where audience saw it?
Russia, Moscow, Polytech Festival, Gorky Park, 2018
France, Nantes, Maker Campus, 2019
Italy, Montegranaro, Street Theaters Festival “PIC Showcase”, 2019

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    • : Street Theatre


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    • :
    • : 220 Volt
    • : Street
    • : All Ages
    • : 5 mt (lenght) x 5 mt (width) x 5 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 60 min; Setting up 10 min; Dismantling 120 min
    • :
      Preparation: 1 full day to create props (not necessarily on the performance venue). Show can be in format from 20 to 60 minutes game on festival/event. Up to 4 show/day It can be experiments from 8 to 72 hours non stop game – Tamagotchi will walk only if someone walk with him, eat if someone will feed him, same with toilet and shower. Tamagotchi will not speak, will not use phone and will use only sounds and some basic signs.