Dystopia by Johnny Autin, United Kingdom

Dystopia is Autin Dance Theatre's highly acclaimed & electrifying dance theatre duet for the outdoors & unusual spaces. Dystopia is a dance theatre duet for the outdoors and unusual spaces that is performed in the round. This jaw-dropping [...]

The Yelling Kitchen Prince by Bram Graafland, Netherlands

The Yelling Kitchen Prince, the world’s only owner of the Kitchenorgandrumset: Cooking, playing the organ and drumming at the same time.. a piece of cake! This really physical show spins frantically between being theatre, contemporary circus and a [...]

On Time by Vaya, Portugal

VAYA is an explosive couple that combines dance, comedy and circus. Their artistic style, impressive acrobatic level and extraordinary complicity with the audience make’s this company unique in its kind. VAYA was founded in 2016 and since then they [...]

Motosikai by Race Horse Company, Finland

Motosikai pushes through absurd scenes of skill, action and laughter with unstoppable energy. The three acrobats soar through the sky like superheroes, while you pray for their safe landing. The show features many of the Race Horse Company’s tr [...]

Tip Tap Poum by Rolando Rondinelli, Spain

An eccentric character that coming from this side, some tap shoes, pots, spoons, saucers and some sound delirious elements, transform the space in a theatrical concert, a particular orchestra and in authentic waves of laughter. [...]

Drôle d’impression by Cie Dédale de Clown, France

Drôle d’impression, from photography to street theatre Two bill posters are pasting a photographic mural on a wall. Dodging showers of glue and the odd safety hazard, they manage to remain focussed on the task at hand. As they work (encounteri [...]

World of Wonder by Teatro per Caso, Italy

“World of Wonder" Performance on Stilts - Walkaround New Production. "These creatures come from ancient forgotten worlds as harbingers of happy dreams, of delicate visions and of rediscovered harmony. " World of Wonder" is a performance [...]

VERY LOST by Etablissements Lafaille, France

The "very dangerous" trip of two very very lost British explorers. A wild saga in the heart of public space among unsurmountable bushes, bus shelters, poles, benches and other precipices. A vertical visit of the street changing it into a landscape in [...]

Logy on Fire by Logy On Fire, United Kingdom

This interactive, high skilled, rock n roll family friendly show is full of skillful object manipulation, bringing traditional vaudeville and parlor tricks to you with a comedy twist and new age style. Playing with fire and possible lacerations, Clim [...]

ARRIVED by Adrian Schvarzstein, Spain

They came from the not-so-distant past and therefore see the present-day world through somewhat different eyes. They appear to be blissfully naïve and willing to help everyone and in every place. They surprise passers-by with their funny behavior, [...]