This show is a one hour long gasoline-drenched punk circus. The most experienced fire artists in Scandinavia are showing off their timing and complicity. The mix of fire-dance, brutal comedy, acrobatics and clowning, leaves nobody untouched. The audience laughs at the sick humor, admires the beautiful choreographies and are shocked by the total lack of common sense. Be prepared to be taken hostage

    • : 11
    • : Circus-Theatre
    • : ... multilingual


    • :
      63 Amp cable
    • :
      220 V cable
    • : 220 Volt
    • : Square
    • : All Ages
    • : 25 mt (lenght) x 25 mt (width) x 25 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 70 min; Setting up 420 min; Dismantling 300 min
    • :
      Technical Rider BURNT OUT PUNKS 2011 The Burnt Out Punks show brings their own bus stage, trailer stage, airial-truss, light technique, sound technique and backstage area. PERFORMANCE AREA: Please fill out form to make contract valid: • 25 m diameter circular area. The area must be relatively flat and fire safe environment. • A free height of minimum 15 meters for airial truss and fire flames • Riot fence/or similar surrounding the entire perimeter to create security/work barrier around the performance and backstage area before, during and after show. SHOWTIME: • Due to the heavy use of fire in the show, showtime must begin after sunset. SET UP AND STRIKE: • 5 volunteers to help set up (7 hrs) and tear down (5 hrs) the set. • Prefferable the day before but minimum 10hours before the show we need full access to begin set up. Even though the set up only takes 7 hours, we also need 5 hours to eat, rest and prepare ourselves for the show. • The strike can at the earliest begin 1 hour after the end of the show. RIGGING POINTS: • The airial truss will need to be boltet/fastened down in 4 points at an angle of 45 degrees. You supply strong rigging points like large concrete blocks or water filled farmer tanks (of min. 1000 kg/each). In worst case scenario we can use already existing lampposts, trees or other ELECTRICITY: • NOTICE: we use Swedish standard amp cord - if it differs there must be a converter between the systems • A 63 Amperes electrical cord. • Connections must reach back of bus. • 2 hours prior to showtime we will do a 30 min full soundcheck. • A 220 volt cable from arrival on site to departure. FIRE SECURITY DURING SHOW: • 4 people to act as ”fire security guards” equipped with local fire estinguishers and fireblankets. They will be instructed by our stagemanager 2 hrs before the performance. SECURITY: • There must be a guard provided who specifically guards the bus and the equipment after set up, between shows and before departure. WATER: • 100 liters of water delivered to the stage, after completed setup. And about 10 liters of ice cubes just prior to the show