One-person street theater show. The techniques of: acrobatics, juggling, improvisation. With a high spirit of play, creates an interaction and a direct connection between the public space and the audience based on the show, thus realizing unique results for each place.
“The audience goes from being a passive audience to an active audience and the public space is transformed into a stage” ending with the artist putting his life in the hands of 6 volunteers from the public finished with a zip line downhill.

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    • : Circus Arts
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      4 general spotlights 1 follower
    • :
      audio system with three channels and 500 watts of power.
    • : 220 Volt
    • : Street
    • : 30 mt (lenght) x 8 mt (width) x 12 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 45 min; Setting up 150 min; Dismantling 30 min
    • :
      We configure a security protocol for this program: - The descent zone will be launched to prevent the public from traveling below the zip line. The artist will establish the rubles during the show and the volunteers will manage the circulation of the public to avoid, if necessary, any intrusion. - Rescuers will be located near the game area during the descent. - Artist's grasping device will be made by Mr. Marc DIEDERICHS, CSCV trainer (Professional training center for artistic and technical show crafts), and experienced acrobat artist (editing and game for 19 years at Générik steam company) - Tyrolean analysis: the zip line is light, with the particularity of requiring only one anchor: only the highest point. The lowest point is made by 4 to 6 people, each pulling a halyard connected to an aluminum lifting structure of 3.40 m. Therefore, the zip line undergoes little tension, which means little tension at the point of attachment. Taking into account that each person develops a force of 50 kg can be considered a pressure of 2 to 3 kN (200 to 300 kg), which is low for a built masonry. The tests were carried out only for 3 people, to support the zip line, without problem, we ask for double security. The spectators who throw down, do not do it under load, and directed by El Kote, they are fully aware of the action in which they participate, and they tend to pull hard! It is not convenient to put more people at the lowest point: it would not be a problem for the building's grip, but the path made by the artist that needs a bit of "softness" to carry out a rounding during the descent, and more gently. This show has already been played more than 50 times, it is perfectly perfected. - Detail of the material: the zip line is made using - a 10.5mm rope (22kN breaking strength) - a double pulley (climbing Duetto, 25kN breaking strength) - standardized climbing carabiners (breaking strength from 22 to 25 kN) - Stitch type climbing strips (22kN tear strength) - The anchoring is guaranteed by strapping existing elements, with double grip, without resorting to seals, or damage to buildings. The edges of the windows, or points of friction of the rope, will be protected by rigid angles and protections.