La Belle Escabelle

Have you ever wondered about the surprising number of ludicrous things a human being can do with a regular stepladder? In this circus show full of humour, Doble Mandoble masterfully mix object manipulation, physical theatre and acrobatics, to bring you a crazy homage to the ordinary folding ladder… La Belle Escabelle.

2013 Price for the most gobsmacking moment. BE Festival. Birmingham, UK

Concept: Luis & Miguel Córdoba and Ezra Moreno
Director: Ezra Moreno
Scenography: Sebastien Boucherit
Composer: David Chezam
With the support of : Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Residencies : Espace Catastrophe, La Roseraie, Centre culturel d’Ecrin, Centre culturel De Kroon

    • : 2
    • : Circus Arts


    • :
      Lights : Only necessary for evening performances/night time. Simple and cozy atmosphere. Light technician and lights provided by the organizer.
    • :
      Sound provided by the organizer: Electrical outlet Mixer with XLR input Two speakers XLR cable that reaches from the sound control to the center of the performance area 1 technician for sound installation
    • : 220 Volt
    • : Square
    • : All Ages
    • : 8 mt (lenght) x 8 mt (width) x 4 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 30 min; Setting up 30 min; Dismantling 15 min
    • :
      Audience distribution : semicircle Total preparation time : 2 hours (3h optimal) Set up/dismantling : 30 min Warming up : 1 hour Costume/make up : 30 min Minimum time between 2 performances: 45 min Dressing room : Needed for costumes and make up