In Limbo

In Limbo is a dance-theatre show (contemporary and aerial dance) that stages symbolically the human condition of migratory journeys.
It’s not about a peculiar journey, but all the possible ones. The one of the migrants that cross the Mediterranean and the one of Italian migrants towards Belgium. The so called brain-drain and the journey of Albanian people escaping after the fall of the regime.
It’s divided in three moments, in which the body on stage becomes a metaphor of migratory journey by land, by sea, till an arrival that turns into imprisonment.
The first and the third moment use contemporary dance language, choreography and dance on stage are led by the dancer and performer Sara Sicuro; the second one is dedicated to the journey by sea, a stranger element for men and potentially extremely dangerous, that will be represented by the evocative force of aerial dance on trapeze performed by Kika (Federica Montinaro); the three moments will have a double bass background, with original music written and performed live by Igor Legari.
The title of this project refers to the condition of suspension that’s in the journey, a suspension between before and after, between the comfort of a known everyday life and the absolute unknown, the suspension between different cultures, between life and death.
A temporal and spatial suspension that in some cases become tangible, and turns into a real imprisonment: it happened in the past at Ellis island, In “Calais Jungle”, in Italian “CPT” – Centers for Temporary stay, it happens today with ONG ships, forced to stay in a limbo close to Italian coasts.
It’s no coincidence that one of the scenic elements is a part of the original sign of “Casa Regina Pacis”, the ironic name of the biggest Italian “CPT”, a place where the lives and rights of thousands of migrants were suspended.
We found that sign in the trash and decided to give it a new life, lifting it up as a reminder of what happened, a reminder of a past that can not be forgotten, a reminder of what is happening right now. A warning that says that our humanity risks to get stuck in that limbo.

    • : 4
    • : Street Dance-Theatre


    • :
      3 lamp projectors, 1000w 3 stands 1 mixer Cables
    • :
      1 multiplug with at least 4 plugs in 1 combo amplifier for double bass (Acoustic Image, Aguilar, Ampeg, Gallien Krueger, Mark Bass or similar, possibly 2x10) In alternative: 1 cabinet x acoustical instruments with speakON plug in (4 or 8 ohm, at least 500w)
    • : 220 Volt
    • : Yard
    • : Adults
    • : 8 mt (lenght) x 8 mt (width) x 7 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 30 min; Setting up 120 min; Dismantling 90 min