Charming Charley – Ouch!

A loveable hump-backed fool on the road to share pleasure, joy and pain with the world. Spreading his love for the grotesque, the gross and the ugly in many beautiful ways. Featuring whips, knives, black balloons and a trained rubber rat by the name of “Fluffy” as well as fake blood, a guillotine and assorted vegetables, including a turnip!

Martin Dronsfield aka Kammann has been street performing for over 30 years and now puts everything he has learned and dreamed of into this new show. Physical theatre on the edge of the abyss and beyond the boundaries of good taste; inspired by the Buffon and directed by Peter Sweet.

This is classic street theatre, designed for a semi-circle. The show lasts 35 minutes and uses few words and just old fashioned equipment (no amplification, no electricity, no video projections)

Warning! This show celebrates death as well as life, pain as well as joy and contains scenes of explicit violence against real vegetables.

    • : 1
    • : 400-700 €
    • : Clowning
    • : EN| FR| DE| ... Spanish


    • :
      After dusk light on pitch
    • :
      Quiet environment
    • : Yard
    • : All Ages
    • : 4 mt (lenght) x 6 mt (width) x 3 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 35 min; Setting up 15 min; Dismantling 15 min
    • :
      Some benches in a semicircle are useful. I do need a backdrop (no people walking behind the show)