(Street Music)

Archimossi is the first street string orchestra
Violas and violins just like a marching band
Archimossi looks like a classic string orchestra but, unexpectedly, mixing different sounds and countless solutions in a magical alchemy, the orchestra changes its nature in a continuous metamorphosis. Beautiful costumes, strong, funny and elegant choreographies and various, unusual, bizarre sounds – from renaissance and baroque music to contemporary rock/pop music. The repertoire is very original: from Irish tradition (“Drowsy Maggie”, “The Bridal”, “The Irish washerwoman”) to balkan tradition (“Kolomeika”, Bulgarian dance, Serbian dance), then going back in time for a renaissance ballet, the Minuetto of Boccherini, th Aria of “Habanera” from the “Carmen” of Bizet, to arriving contemporary sounds as Ennio Morricone and Mullen-Clayton (soundtracks from movies “Allonsanfan “, “Mission Impossible”) until to “Smooth criminal” of Michael Jackson. Everything is ready, the orchestra is about to begin… but suddenly the strings start moving, creating a performance of their own.
The first street string orchestra: violas, violins and cellos, just like a marching band!
(Every musical instruments has amplified individually)
The orchestra is available in three different choreographic versions , you choose the best for your party!
Costumes black and white with pink details. A punk version of ArchiMossi, sparkling and original image where each costume enhances the personality of the artist. The costumes of their debut and their great success!
Eight colorful Fairies for this new version of ArchiMossi. Long sleeves and fluttering recall the Renaissance period, with colorful details that make the timeless scenic impact. A version suitable for medieval festivals, Renaissance feasts fantasy, cosplay, historical re-enactments, etc..
Dark Lady
Black costumes with laces, elegant and sensual at the same time. A version suitable for situations more classic, weddings, private parties, etc .. Possibility of combining a small detail of color theme, according to the organizer’s requirements .

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    • : Street Music


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      No request
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      The company is indipendent. All musicians have portable amplification for their string instruments
    • : Street
    • : All Ages
    • : 300 mt (lenght) x 300 mt (width) x 300 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 105 min; Setting up 60 min; Dismantling 10 min
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      Time: The performance can be divided into 3 parts of 35 minutes each. Technical requirements: a dressing room with a bath and reserved parking.