“An Encounter”

an original and dynamic performance that combines floor acrobatics, dance and physical theatre.

Tender, adventurous, passionate: an encounter between two persons.
We are touched by this coming and going of smiles, surprises and emotions.

Visual and without text
For all kind of audiences. Adolescents and schools welcome!

Outdoors and indoors
Itinerant or static depending where we play
Formulas between 5 and 25 minutes
It can be play several times a day

Very light technical rider
Costumes and props in only 1 baggage (it doesn’t need to be freighted)

We also propose creative workshops

For our travel expenses outside Belgium by WBI

We have great availability because the performance can be played by 2 different teams that allow us to play in two places at once.

    • : 3
    • : Circus Arts


    • :
      If representations during night time or in a dark inside place: 12 PC + 2 lights stands + a dimmer
    • :
      A professional sound system (2 speakers on stands and a sound mix table with mini jack or jack connexion for our laptop)
    • : 220 Volt
    • : Square
    • : All Ages
    • : 7 mt (lenght) x 7 mt (width) x 3 mt (height)
    • : Show duration 25 min; Setting up 10 min; Dismantling 10 min
    • :
      Mainly we need a completely flat and clean surface / floor (concrete, asphalt, stone or a podium) not slippery, neither bend . A regular mobile bench. The building time varies if we play indoors and therefore, we need a light rehearsal. We are only 3 persons travelling and our set, costumes and props can be included in Company’s luggage (it doesn’t need to be freighted).