A fantastic battalion that floods the streets. The audience looks astonish a stream of fantastic animals swarming over their heads. Inspired in the melted dreams of Salvador Dalí. A magic surrealism that leads to Cal y Canto to always use the air as starting point, through a long and wide investigation in kite’s world, in which they have based their creations.

    • : 5
    • : Street Theatre
    • : ... no words


    • :
      We can bring all the lighting equipment independently(because kites are lit, and the actors have a powerful frontal head-light) We also recommend at night: 8 focus PAR64 1000w 2 tripods with “T” bar Electric power 8.000w
    • :
      4 speakers 1 sound mixer Sound and electric wires Electric power 3500w
    • : 220 Volt
    • : Square
    • : All Ages
    • : Show duration 40 min; Setting up 120 min; Dismantling 40 min
    • :
      Room with mirrors to make up. See the space one day before the performance.