The waiting clown invasion in the seat of Italian parliament will not be there. The authorities revoke the permits. The Chamber of Deputies’ President Roberto Fico: “Satire is important: it is a problem of public order.” Leo Bassi cancels his show and appeals for a city that hosts the event.


Thursday, January 31, they would have to symbolically invade Piazza Monte Citorio, the seat of Italian Parliament. They had met in Rome from all over Europe. It would have been the most impressive Clown horde ever seen in a continent square. Headed by the Clown Philosopher Leo Bassi to the cry of “TO LAUGH IT’S A SERIOUS THING” would have launched their challenge to the bad politics, which arrogates the “monopoly of the ridiculous” making their job more and more difficult. But after the bipartisan complaints mounted in the last few days between the benches of the parliament, the authorities have backtracked. The event is canceled: the Power defends itself in this way from the provocations of the comedians. The Chamber of Deputies’ President, responding to an appeal from the Buffoons World Committee, organizer of the Event, made his statement known: “Satire plays an important role in social life. It should not be discouraged. I do not know the reasons that led to the cancellation of the event, but I imagine that assessments have taken place with regard to public order. After all, Montecitorio is a very sensitive objective”.
“Politicians once again prove to be champions in the art of ridicule”. He declared Leo Bassi. “Stopping the peaceful invasion of the Buffoons in Montecitorio confirm exactly what we wanted to denounce: they are not content to command the world, they also want to take away our job.”. The founder of the buffoons world organization, founded in Collodi (Italy) last August, also canceled the show scheduled for 31 on the nearby Piazza Capranica and then launched an appeal to the mayors of Italy: “We will found a buffoon parliament, a parliament shadow that will oppose to the rhetoric of power, the poetry, the freedom, the desire for peace and brotherhood that is in the heart of every clown. The city that will host us on January 31 will be awarded the title of capital of the Buffoons’ Republic. It will become more important than Rome and the people will eventually turn more willingly to our institutions rather than to theirs “.
Apparently, there have already been several candidacies of small and large cities, willing to listen to the BWC and host the event that the international organization confirms planned in Italy for January 31 at 17:00. It will be the dawn of a new state, an independent and sovereign Republic which – as the manifesto of the Commisstee recites – intends to promote the peace and prosperity of the humble, the government of poets. All updates on this website.