Monte Citorio Square

Buffoons from all over the world, it’s time to go down into the square.

Brexit is a defeat. Catalonia proclaims itself independent but Spain remains sovereign. Macron and Salvini contradict in the even days what they say in the odd days. Berlusconi is reclaimed in Brussels. European politics has reached intolerable levels of ridicule. This ineptitude of the political class in the main countries of the West is seriously affecting our work. If they make us laugh more than we do, how will we make a living?

Many of us no longer find inspiration and our hyperboles are no longer able to surprise anyone. Satire and buffoonery are now outclassed by bad politics: we risk oblivion.

For this reason the founders of the Buffoons World Committe intend to launch an appeal to all the buffoons, artists and citizens sympathizers, for a great demonstration against “The Monopoly of the Ridiculous” held by bad politics.

On January 31st from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm, we will besiege the Italian Parliament, encircling it with a human chain of hundreds of people who will scream out to the worst politicians in Europe: LET US NOT LAUGH. During the evening there will be street performances in Piazza Monte Citorio.

You are all invited to participate and wear a YELLOW NOSE, the color of new dissert.

We are organizing various buses from the main Italian cities. Very soon we will make available the schedules of flights and Flixbus to those arriving from foreign cities. We also recommend the “Bla bla car” service.

For further information, please contact the BWC Secretariat.