Harlequin defends the school

In Milan buffoons Arlecchino and Pantalone defend the independence of the Italian University

5th December, Milan – Italy.
At the State University of Milan “Le Giornate del Circo” (The Circus Days) are held. This is an initiative of the “Circo & Dintorni” (Circus and Surroundings) association supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the circus birth.

The Buffoons Claudia Contin Arlecchino and Alessio Michelotti are invited to this national conference to present to students the newly formed Buffoon World Committee. But the two provoc-actors abstain from boring academics interventions, they wear the commedia dell’arte masks and costumes and directly from the students’ desks, with the voice of Arlecchino and Pantalone, they denounce the interference of private entrepreneurs in the university and the school world; unmasking the subtle plots through which capitalistic organizations exert ever-increasing pressure on educational institutions to promote the interests of big industry and finance. Between jokes and mockery our masked paladins are in solidarity with the young students who see their access into the world of work ever farther, being used up to 40 years old as interns and then immediately becoming “old” at 50 in accordance with the pretentious principle of LONG LIFE LEARNING.

Here you can download the text of the speech by Alessio and Claudia, written in grammelot, the ancient language with which the Zannis recited from square to square in Italy in the late sixteenth century.