It happened !

It happened. After all, we could no longer delay considering the situation in which our world is. Seven of the greatest masters of the sneer, met each other in Collodi (Italy), where they founded the most subversive movement that history recalls from the times of French revolution: the Buffoons World Committee. It happened in the village of the most famous puppet in the world, Pinocchio, a puppet who had the courage to cut all wires that would have tied him forever to the hands of Fire-eaters, to grow free and make fun of talking crickets.

This era is seriously ill with rhetoric. Everything is false. Winning from the mirage of unlimited progress and at all costs, we are delivering history to materialism, a new all-encompassing and deeply anti-humanist ideology. The oppressed are the vast majority, yet as the greatest offense to common sense, there seems to be no shadow of an oppressor.

Can the return of the fool save our world? He alone is able to tear off the mask from the tyrant’s face, to leave the King naked, to overcome him with cunning by elevating the voice of the weakest to lyric, to disavow the false promises of his lackeys with the strength of a bitter laugh, to give hope to the justs and finally invoke the government of the poets.

So, fools from all over the world let’s come together!

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