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The waiting clown invasion in the seat of Italian parliament will not be there. The authorities revoke the permits. The Chamber of Deputies’ President Roberto Fico: “Satire is important: it …

ROME 31st January : LET US NOT LAUGH !

BUFFOONS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLDS, DON’T MISS THIS APPOINTMENT On January 31st from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm, we will besiege the Italian Parliament, encircling it with a human …


Buffoons from all over the world, it’s time to go down into the square. Brexit is a defeat. Catalonia proclaims itself independent but Spain remains sovereign. Macron and Salvini contradict …

Harlequin defends the school

In Milan buffoons Arlecchino and Pantalone defend the independence of the Italian University 5th December, Milan – Italy. At the State University of Milan “Le Giornate del Circo” (The Circus …

It happened !

It happened. After all, we could no longer delay considering the situation in which our world is. Seven of the greatest masters of the sneer, met each other in Collodi …


The World Commitee of the Buffoons was born on 26th August 2018 in Collodi (Pescia, Italy), in the village of Pinocchio, the puppet who repudiated any kind of manipulation. Its founders are: Leo Bassi, Jean Menigault called Meningue, Luca Domenicali, Danilo Maggio, Matthias Martelli, Andrea Brugnera, Alessio Michelotti. The committee is created to be as wide as possible, aiming to welcome in it all the buffoons from around the world who work to restore the dignity to the oppressed, moking the power with gibes, farts and stratagems and unmasking the subtle plots of oppressors. The founding members unanimously approve the following manifesto:

1) Through the provocation and the caustic art of the ridiculous, the buffoons of this Commitee intend to fight the rhetoric of power and its falsification perpetrated against peoples through the illusory promises of happiness given by money, technology, religion or by any other simulacrum or cult designed to deprive them of their freedom.

2) The buffoon is not a prophet: the doubt is his ally. However, his worry and virtue is to repudiate the lie, to unmask the liars, the boasters, the hoaxers, the diffusers of fake news, the terrorists acting under false flag. He donates this wisdom to his neighbour, without aspiring to enter to Parliament.

3) The commitment of the buffoon, sovereign of the outcasts, is to defend the dignity of the lasts and the diversity of cultures and thoughts, to denounce inequalities and all forms of discrimination of man against other man, instilling the joy and pride of belonging to mankind in the hearts of those who meet him.

4) In view of the worldwide current situation in politics, economy, environment, information, civil rights, individual and collective freedom, the buffoons of this Commitee proclaim the revolution of the joke, mustering all those who, through theatre, circus, music and any form of art or social activism, intend to operate with concrete actions to unmask the ancient tyrants hidden behind the disguise of the new idols.

5) From today and for centuries to come, be then the new world dis-order of prank and laugh, the peace and the prosperity of the humble, the government of poets.

Collodi – Italy

26th August 2018

I sign the manifesto
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